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Today I am making a tasty Russian Salad recipe (chicken cream salad) that you can make in your lunch and dinner best. Simple and easy to make within 30 minutes.Creamy and homemade cream salad recipe that’s great for making as a side dish with Russia inspired meal.
Mixed Vegetable Raita is a popular Indian. Veg Raita is a yogurt-based accompaniment in Indian cuisine, without which any meal would be incomplete. Be it an elaborate, everyday meal, or any rice dish like Chicken Vegetable Tehri orBeef pulao Recipe |How to make beef pulao recipe, Raita will make its appearance on the side.
Raita Recipe is a great summer cooler to the body and helps tone down the heat of your meal. Raita is made for thick yogurt, salt, mint, and cumin seeds. This recipe is a tasty, simple, and healthy raita recipe that can be had any time of the year. Serve with Chicken Vegetable Tehri,Chicken Aloo Tahari Recipe for a wholesome meal.