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Category: Rice

Mutton Biryani | Goat Biryani is a conventional  Pakistani and Indian rice dish made by layered into a cooked gravy and then layered with parboiled rice, herb, and food color. Mutton biryani gravy where the mutton meat is cooked along with yogurt, tomatoes, Indian spices, and whole spices.
Traditional Chicken Biryani by layering cook gravy which layered with parboiled rice, after which crowned with fried onion, herb, and ghee. Biryani recipe is popular in Pakistan. Gravy makes using fried onion, chicken, yogurt, tomatoes which are spiced using a lot of spices.
Matar Chawal is a simple aromatic filling, single-pot, a flavorful rice dish. This matar chawal is made with basmati rice, whole spices, green peas, and oil. It can be served with any sides, like Lauki Raita (Bottle gourd Raita),Aloo Raita (Potatoe Raita with tempering)
Amazing Everyday Boil Rice made quick and easy on the stovetop. It s one of that lunches everyone sure enjoys it. A combination of boiled rice with Daal Recipes makes a healthy meal. This recipe includes pictures of how to get perfect fully boil rice. Chawal is the Hindi translates word for Rice. Here rice is boil in water.