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Category: Beverage Recipes

Iced Coffee (Cold Coffee) is easy to make frothy cold coffee is a refreshing Drink to enjoy on a sunny day.Four ingredients are all you need to make this fantastic drink.Cold coffee recipe with step by step picture.I have add vanilla ice cream to make it rich and so cream texture.
Cherry milkshake can be made with fresh cherry chili milk for a rich and creamy consistency that everyone favorite shake ever. Plus we add a bit of vanilla and for an extra delicious drink that’s perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or even for a healthy dessert. This cherry milkshake recipe is vegan.
Masala Chai (Masala Tea) is a Authentic Asia Chai recipe can be prepared easily over Stovetop.Homemade Masala Chai is made With just a few ingredients .Follow my Tips included for the perfect strong Masala Tea Cup! I have shared the Image of this scroll down the below.