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Apple Milkshake

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Make this Apple Milkshake using basic ingredients. This simple combination of whip cream and apple shake is outstanding. This Milkshake is top with cool whipped cream along with a subtle taste from cream. It is my favorite shake ever. It is especially good for this.

Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake

You can use a red apple for this shake. We apply it to all sorts of shakes. In numerous nations, you can likewise discover imported apples around the year.

Apple is a great part of a daily diet because they are a good source of fiber, vitamin C and minerals, and a range of other nutrients.

Moreover, the extensive list of the health advantage that apples offer is difficult to disregard. High in pectin fiber, apples boost metabolic levels, help improve heart health and regulate the body’s blood sugar levels by regulating the release of sugar.

They are also packed with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy bones, teeth, and skin. Apples are loaded with vitamin C which boosts immunity.

They also consist of healthy polyphenol antioxidants that are essential for overall health.

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Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake

Make this Apple milkshake using basic ingredients. This simple combination of whip cream and apple shake is outstanding.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Indian, Pakistan
Servings 2


  • 2 Medium Apple
  • 2 Cup Chill Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • Whip cream optional


  • Wash, peel apples. Cut into slices and discard the stone, and add to the blender, add 2 cup chill milk and 1 tablespoon sugar, and blend until smooth.
  • Pour Apple milkshake to serving glasses and top the milkshake with whipped cream.


  • The amount of sugar to be depend on the sweetness of the apples.
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