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Dates Milkshake Recipe

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Dates Milkshake Recipe is very common in Pakistan, especially during the Iftar and Ramadan season. You can make the milkshake using Cold. These Dates and bananas are naturally sweet. I have added Banana, more healthy. You can try my More Delicious Beverage.

Dates Milkshake Recipe

This healthy Milkshake recipe is made using, Dates, bananas, and Milk. Dates can also help improve brain problems. Dates have a high level of natural sugar such as glucose, fructose, sucrose that helps boost energy for anemic patients and increase sexual stamina.

Dates Milkshake Recipe

Dates Milkshake Recipe

Dates Milkshake Recipe are very common in Pakistan especially during the Iftar and Ramadan season.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Cuisine Indian, Pakistan
Servings 2 People
Calories 218 kcal


  • 5 Dates
  • 1 & 1/2 Cup Chill milk


  • Firstly, remove seeds from dates and peel the banana.
  • Next add the dates, banana, and chilled milk in the blender jar blend for 1 minutes until smooth paste.
  • Lastly, serve into the serve glass.
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