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Strawberry Milkshake is the most widely consumed fruit in the world has many benefits. Strawberry milkshake with ice cream is a delicious and tangy recipe. They can be served with a morning Breakfast Drink. Follow my step-b-step pics to make a delicious milkshake recipe. This Strawberry shake is easy and you can easily make this recipe in double.
Falooda is a delicious dessert drink and a perfect summer treat. Falooda is an Indian dessert made by layering various ingredients in a glass. Milk is a very delicious and yummy beverage dessert that is flavored with rose syrup. It is prepared with aromatic rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, sev, chilled milk, strawberry jelly, pista ice cream and garnished with nuts.
Milkshake is so creamy, the light and melt in your mouth. Topped with cream and sprinkle your favorite thing. This is perfect for Milkshake lovers. Make them all around the world and all seasons here in my personally like after breakfast Beverage. They’re the best manner to cool down with a cool milkshake on a hot summertime season day.